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…to the website of the Vancouver Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of  Friends (Quakers).

Quakers share a way of life, not a set of beliefs. We base our faith on silent worship, and our own experiences of the divine.  Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings.

Meetings for Worship

Each Sunday at 10.30 am
1090 West 70th Avenue
Vancouver, V6P 2X9
(604) 263-5015

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Meeting for Worship is a “silent waiting” and a search for spiritual communion. We have no pastor or spiritual director. Ideally, the silence is broken only when someone feels divinely moved to share some personal insight with the rest of the Meeting. Prepared statements and long messages may detract from the spirit of Meeting for Worship. For more information about joining us in Quaker Worship, and answers to common questions, please feel free to look over our page for Newcomers.

Childcare is available during Meeting. After Meeting for Worship, we have a potluck on the first Sunday of each month, and a informal Newcomers group on the third Sunday of each month.

Meeting for Worship is also held on less-frequent schedules in North Burnaby. Feel free to join one of our mailing lists to stay informed about events in our community.