Quaker Faith

Our Society grew out of the conviction of George Fox that “there is that of God in every person,” that everyone has direct access to the Spirit and that truth continues to be revealed to us from a variety of sources. All members and attenders share in the spiritual and business life of the Meeting.

Historically Friends were part of radical Reformation Christianity. They were inspired by the life of Jesus as shown in the New Testament, but Friends rejected formal creeds. In the present day, as described by Canadian Yearly Meeting’s Special Interest Group on Christian and Non-Christian Friends, “To some of us, the figure of Jesus assumes overwhelming importance in our faith; others, while not rejecting the values embodied in his life and teachings, find equal or greater guidance to an experience of God through other paths.”

Vancouver Monthly Meeting follows the traditions of liberal, unprogrammed Friends, with connections to Canadian Yearly Meeting, Canadian Friends Service CommitteeFriends General Conference, Friends United Meeting. and Friends World Committee for Consultation.

Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business

Meeting for Worship with attention to Business takes place on the second Sunday of each month, with the exception of summer, when the July and August Business Meetings are combined and held in late July. All members and attenders are invited to attend.

Most decisions affecting the spiritual and business concerns of the Meeting are made here. Everyone may contribute and decisions are sought with Divine guidance, resulting in a unified “sense of the meeting.” Meeting committees report as needed to this body.

Membership in a Friends Meeting

After attending Quaker Meeting for a number of months (sometimes years), an attender may feel moved to apply for membership. We encourage attenders to speak to other Friends and to acquaint themselves with Quaker literature from the Meeting library and from other sources, including Friendly websites, and to consider this decision prayerfully. Application is made by letter to the Clerk of the Meeting, and discernment in this matter carried out with the help of a Committee of Clearness for Membership. Membership involves a commitment to more involvement in the life of the Meeting community.

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