The online catalogue

The Vancouver Monthly Meeting Library Catalogue is now available on the LibraryThing website. Many search options are available. For example, try entering one or a few keywords in the box marked “Search this library”. Ours is the 39th Quaker library to include its catalogue on LibraryThing, so we’re in good company. No new records will be added to the card catalogue, but of course it can still be used for books already included.

Borrowing procedure

The borrowing procedure remains the same: members and attenders may sign out books from the VaMM library, located in the Vancouver Friends meeting house at 1090 West 70th Avenue, using the pocket card found inside each book on the shelf. If you are listed in the Meeting’s directory, your name is sufficient. Otherwise, you need to add a telephone number or an e-mail address. Leave the card in the box provided for this purpose, on top of the card catalogue.

Recent additions

The books shown here can be found on the “New books” shelf, unless someone has already borrowed them. Note that not all new books are recent publications, but all are new to our collection.

Book reviews

LibraryThing lets users look at reviews others have written. These are often helpful in giving readers an idea of whether they’d like to read a book or not. Many books in LibraryThing have no review at all, or only a short comment which doesn’t give much information, such as “I loved this book”. Users are invited to contribute a short review (about 10 sentences) of books they read, by submitting it to the library committee, who may edit the review, then upload it to the database.

Quaker texts online

This list contains links to collections of Quaker texts you can read online. Many other individual Quaker documents are available in library and archive collections not listed here.

Contact us

The members of the library committee are Mike Tilley, Jen Witsoe, and Fiona Kelly. Please ask any of us about the VaMM library, we’ll gladly try to answer your questions. We also welcome your suggestions for content for this page.