November Special Events: Quaker Earthcare Witness Workshop, FWCC World Office Talk

Dear Friends,

Vancouver Meeting is hosting two special event in the coming weeks, and we want you to be there!

Please save these dates:

1) Sunday November 6th, 12:15pm, on zoom: 

Vancouver Monthly Meeting is hosting a Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) virtual workshop: 

“Living in Right Relationship with the Living World – Quaker Testimonies as a Template”, with Mary Ann Percy.

Mary Ann Percy

Mary Ann Percy, QEW Steering Committee

Friends are encouraged to gather at the Meetinghouse to participate together via the hybrid system. You can also join us from wherever you are on zoom. We will use the same link we normally use for Meeting for Worship:  Meeting ID: 899 560 222 47

Dial in:  Find your local number:

“The bad news is coming fast now–nearly on a daily basis it seems we’re hearing of another climate-related disaster, another breakdown in Earth’s and Life’s support system–the web seems to be unraveling…How not to become paralyzed by despair? What does Friends’ Faith and Practice, and specifically our Testimonies, have to offer us for both understanding and addressing these many challenges which face us?  How may we come to live in Right Relationship with the Living World, respecting and supporting the inherent integrity of the Earth community?! The content will be largely experiential, and also include a brief presentation, and opportunities for reflection and worship-sharing.”


2) Sunday November 13, 12:15pm, at the Meeting House:

Vancouver Monthly Meeting is hosting an in-person visit with Tim Gee, the new General Secretary of the FWCC World Office

Please join us for Meeting for Worship with Tim, at the Meetinghouse on Sunday November 13. Tim will give a talk after rise of Meeting around 12:15pm, followed by a Q&A, on the topic: “Becoming the Quakers the World Needs”. There will be an option for Friends to join virtually as well, using same link we normally use for Meeting for Worship:  Meeting ID: 899 560 222 47   Dial in:  Find your local number:


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